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We Offer Office Furniture Space Planning Services in Charlotte, NC

Office Furniture Space PlanningEvery business owner wants the kind of workplace where their employees can complete their daily tasks productively, working together to help your business grow. These kinds of workplaces don’t just happen, though—they require the right office furniture and careful space planning. That’s where Charlotte’s own ValueBiz comes in. Our team has helped North Carolina business owners outfit their offices for success since 1993, ande’d be happy to help your workplace meet its potential.

Designing a Productive Workplace

When you visit our Charlotte showroom, you’ll find a wide variety of attractive custom office furniture. Our team will help you find pieces that meet your needs and perfectly suit your space. Once we’ve found the right furniture, one of our professional space planners will help to come up with an office design that maximizes:

  • Efficiency – We’ll help you make the most of your available square footage, arranging your new workstations and desks for maximum occupancy without making things feel cramped.
  • Productivity – When planning how your office furniture will fit into your space, our team will create a layout with dedicated areas for noisy collaboration and others for quiet productive work to maximize productivity.
  • Navigation – No one likes it when poorly-arranged office furniture makes them take a circuitous route to nearby spaces. That’s why we always arrange workplaces with an intuitive traffic plan in mind.

Once our space planning team has come up with an effective arrangement for your office furniture, we’ll turn your project over to our sister company Relocation Strategies® Charlotte. From there, a dedicated project manager will handle your upgrade, restacking, or relocation, making sure things go smoothly from start to finish. This allows you to focus on what really matters—keeping your employees productive during this transition.

Would you like to learn more about the office furniture space planning services we offer? Contact ValueBiz today, or schedule a visit to our local Charlotte, NC, showroom.

Providing Customized Office Furniture to Business Owners in Charlotte, NC

Customized Office FurnitureYou know that your Charlotte workplace has the potential to be so much more than a dull, utilitarian space. Your office should be an efficient place where you and your employees live out your company values and collaborate to find innovative solutions that help your business grow. The right furnishings go a long way when it comes to creating such a space, which is why ValueBiz provides customized office furniture to North Carolina business owners. Our high-caliber pieces combine attractive style with unquestionable durability, and they’re sure to serve as an asset to your business for years to come.

Finding the Perfect Furniture for Your Entire Workspace

Whether they’re typing away at their workstations, collaborating in a conference room, or taking a quick breather in the break room, your employees need furniture that is designed for the way they’ll use it. That’s why we offer custom office furniture for every part of your office, including the:

  • Break rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Training spaces
  • Executive offices
  • Reception rooms
  • Workspaces

All of our office furniture can be customized to suit your style, making it easier than ever to enjoy a beautiful workplace.

Enjoy Best-In-Class Service

When you turn to ValueBiz for custom office furniture, you’ll get so much more than beautiful furnishings. We believe in providing business owners with a boutique-quality experience. Our professional office designers will work closely with you to arrange your new finds in a workplace layout that enhances employee productivity while making the best use of space. Then, our sister company Relocation Strategies® Charlotte will take over, handing your upgrade, restacking, or relocation smoothly so that you focus on what truly matters—your employees.

Let ValueBiz provide you with the customized office furniture you need for your Charlotte, NC, business. Contact us today to get started, or schedule a visit to our local showroom to view our offerings for yourself.

Offering a Boutique Approach to Office Furniture in Charlotte, NC

Boutique Office FurnitureYou know that your Charlotte office has the potential to be so much more than a place your employees begrudgingly visit each day to finish their work. This space ought to serve as an extension of your brand—a place to live out your company values. At ValueBiz, we understand. That’s why we take a boutique approach to installing office furniture in North Carolina workplaces. Our highly experienced team will work closely with you to find pieces that combine beauty with functionality, and our team of professional office space planners will create an intuitive layout for your workspace.

The Right Furnishings for Any Office

Part of what makes our boutique approach to office furniture unique is our commitment to finding the perfect pieces for your workplace. We source high-caliber furnishings that offer exceptional style and a competitive price tag, including:

  • Break room furniture
  • Conference tables
  • Task chairs
  • Training room tables
  • Workstations
  • Executive desks
  • Reception room furniture

All of our pieces come in a wide variety of styles, with customizable finishes and fabrics that allow you to hand-pick pieces that complement the rest of your company décor.

World-Class Service

At ValueBiz, our service doesn’t stop once we help you find new workstations or task chairs. Part of our boutique approach to selling office furniture involves working closely with your team to design the perfect arrangement for your new finds. This involves making sure your workspace possesses an intuitive traffic flow—giving your employees easy access to commonly used spaces—and designated spots for collaborative or quietly productive tasks. And when it comes time to install your new finds, you won’t find better service than that offered by our sister company Relocation Strategies® Charlotte.

When it comes to updating your Charlotte, NC, workplace, partner with the office furniture supplier offering a boutique approach. Contact ValueBiz today to learn more!

How to Make Buying Office Furniture in Charlotte, NC, Easy

So you need new office furniture in Charlotte, North Carolina. Do you know how to begin or where to go to avoid getting ripped off? Here are some tips to ensure that your office furniture purchase is perfect for your business and your budget:

  1. Determine exactly what it is you are looking for. The worst thing you can do is walk into a furniture store without a shopping list and a game plan. Figure out what you need – are you looking for cubicles or free-standings desks? If you need a reception desk, would a U-shaped counter work, or do you need a double pedestal reception station? Have the necessary conversations to get approval for your choices and take measurements of the office space before you head out shopping, in order to avoid any purchases you may regret later.
  2. Next, nail down your budget. Chances are you’ll have a set amount to spend and you may even need to stretch your dollar as much as possible, especially if you’re purchasing for a startup or small business. You’ll want to find a retailer that sells used and factory refurbished items. Recycled office furniture is a terrific way to satisfy your needs, stay within your budget, and help the environment all at the same time.
  3. Finally, now that you know what you need and how much you have to spend, find a retailer you can trust. Ideally, you want one that has a large selection of furniture, a track record of offering exceptional customer service, and experts who can help you find the ideal furniture for your office. Also, finding a company that sells used and refurbished furniture in addition to new items can increase your purchasing power, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck.

When you’re ready to purchase office furniture for your Charlotte, NC, office, turn to Valuebiz. We offer superior office furniture at exceptionally low prices.

How to Make the Most of Your Office Furniture Purchase in Charlotte, NC

When you need new office furniture in Charlotte, North Carolina, you may wonder if it’s possible to save money by using furniture you already own. If it’s attractive, in good shape, then there’s no reason why you can’t implement these pieces in your new design plan. Just keeping a few tips in mind can help ensure a seamless blending of your current office furniture with new purchases to create an attractive and cohesive design for your Charlotte office.

The first thing you need to do is take an inventory of your office. Write everything down, take measurements and identify whether each item is really worth including in your new office plan. Is the fabric worn or stained? Is the surface chipped or faded? If so, you may wish to donate or otherwise dispose of these items. If the pieces are in good shape but won’t fit into your new design, consider contacting a furniture company that purchases used furniture or sells on consignment.

Now that you know what office furniture pieces are worth keeping, consider these items your starting point. Take photos of them, along with measurements, and head over to a reputable furniture retailer. You want a company that offers not only a large selection of reasonably priced furniture, but also the assistance of experts who can help you choose furniture that will blend with your current items to create a comprehensive and appealing design.

When you’re ready to purchase new office furniture in Charlotte NC, that will complement your existing furniture, resulting in a beautiful and efficient office design, come to Valuebiz. We carry a huge selection of affordable new and used furniture items from some of the most well-respected manufacturers in the industry.

Choosing Office Furniture that will Work Best for You in Charlotte, NC

Purchasing the right office furniture for your Charlotte, North Carolina, office can go a long way toward increasing your employees’ productivity, and even creating a happier work environment. Giving your staff the right tools to help them do their jobs is important when you map out your office furniture purchasing strategy.

Think about the daily activities of your employees. Do they need to meet frequently to collaborate on projects? If so, you may wish to consider providing more meeting areas with large tables, or modular furniture systems featuring low dividers for easy communication and to stimulate the flow of ideas. However, if your employees work on solitary projects requiring concentration, you might do better investing in cubicles featuring higher walls for noise reduction and increased privacy to enhance concentration and productivity.

Consider the future. Are you a small-to medium-sized company envisioning huge growth potential? If so, you want to purchase your furniture with an eye toward the future, investing in pieces that will be easy to mix and match as your company grows. Modular office furniture is a terrific option because it can be easily reconfigured to accommodate your needs.

When you’re ready to invest in your company’s future, come to the office furniture experts who have the inventory you want and the expertise you need to help you choose the perfect items for your business. Valuebiz is a leading direct importer and stocking dealer of high-quality new, used, and remanufactured furniture from some of the finest manufacturers in the industry. Contact us today and let us help you choose the right office furniture for your Charlotte, NC, business.

How to Purchase Used Office Furniture in Charlotte, NC

Purchasing used office furniture doesn’t have to mean you’re going to be stuck with an unattractive office filled with a motley assortment of secondhand goods. In fact, used items can help you outfit your Charlotte, North Carolina, office with attractive, durable furniture that can enhance the efficiency and productivity of your staff – at a much lower cost. There are a few things to consider when purchasing previously owned furniture to make sure you are choosing items that will perform exceptionally well for years.

Start off by doing your research. First, determine exactly what your needs are by talking to your staff. For example, do they need more storage space? If so, then you may wish to consider purchasing cabinets. Then, after you’ve determined your needs, look for a dealer that sells used furniture, which means it has been previously owned and is usually sold as-is. Consider also remanufactured furniture, which means the items have had a complete makeover by the manufacturer and, while not new, all fabrics and fixtures on the furniture have been replaced.

When you know what you want, start looking for places to get it. Always purchase used office furniture from a reputable dealer that you can trust to deliver what they promise. Be wary of knock-off items or fly-by-night companies that pop up, offer incredible bargains, then disappear, leaving you with no recourse if the items you purchased don’t live up to your expectations.

When you are ready to purchase used office furniture for your business in Charlotte, NC, turn to the company businesses have trusted with all furniture needs for decades, Valuebiz.

Purchasing Used Office Furniture in Charlotte, NC? Here are Some Tips

If the task of purchasing used office furniture for your Charlotte, North Carolina, company has fallen on you, fear not. Here are some things to keep in mind before you head out to ensure that your purchases will increase efficiency and look terrific in your office.

  1. Plan, plan, plan! No matter what your budget or the scope of your purchase, always know your furniture requirements before you begin shopping. Determining what you need before you start shopping can help prevent impulse purchases you may regret later.
  2. Keep in mind that the used office furniture you purchase for your Charlotte office may need to last for years, so look for furniture than can grow with your company. Modular furniture that can be added on to easily can be the perfect solution to accommodate future expansion plans.
  3. While you want your office to look terrific, you also want your staff to work comfortably and efficiently. Look for ergonomic designs made with comfortable fabrics.
  4. Always work with a reputable retailer. You may find fly-by-night retailers who pop up and offer hard-to-believe prices on office furniture. Remember, you generally get what you pay for. Always purchase furniture from reliable dealers who stand behind their work and offer support during your purchase.

When you’re ready to purchase used office furniture in Charlotte, NC, come to Valuebiz. Whether you need just one reception desk, or an entire suite of modular furniture, we have the experience and expertise to help ensure you make the optimal purchases for your business.

How to Purchase Used Office Furniture in Charlotte, NC

Purchasing used office furniture for your Charlotte, North Carolina, business is a terrific way to outfit your office without breaking the bank. Recycled furniture can be purchased at significant savings, allowing you to keep a tight rein on your budget, as well as reducing environmental waste. Here are a few tips to ensure you are satisfied with your furniture purchase.

  1. The first rule of thumb is to purchase used office furniture from a reliable vendor. Choose a dealer with a solid reputation and a long history of providing fine office furniture at fair prices.
  2. Make sure you understand what it is that you are purchasing. For example, “refurbished” furniture means that is has been cleaned, repaired, or touched up with fresh paint or new fabrics, while “remanufactured” furniture has been restored to its original condition and is the closest thing to purchasing new furniture. “Used” furniture generally means it has not been altered or repaired, but is being sold as-is.
  3. As with purchasing any type of office furniture, make sure you are buying the appropriate items for your Charlotte office. While it may be hard to resist a bargain, making a purchasing decision based solely on price may result in the acquisition of items that are ill-suited to your office environment.

For the finest in used office furniture for your office in Charlotte, or any other NC community, turn to the experts at Valuebiz. We are a woman-owned business serving customers across the country by offering fine new and used office furnishings, as well as by providing exceptional customer service and support that can’t be beat.

Buying Office Furniture in Charlotte, NC, Made Easy

If you’ve been charged with the task of buying office furniture in Charlotte or any nearby community in North Carolina, would you know where to start? After all, whether you’re giving your office a complete makeover or you’re just supplementing with additional pieces, it can be confusing to decide what kind of items to buy, how much you should expect to spend, and where you should plan to purchase them. Here are a few tips to make the process a tad easier

  1. Make a plan – Before you head to a store decide what you need. Is a reception desk a top priority, or would you be better served purchasing a conference room table? Figuring out what you need before you shop can prevent the purchase of ill-suited or unnecessary office furniture.
  2. It’s not all about the looks – You may be tempted to base your purchase solely on looks, but that’s a no-no. You want your staff to be comfortable while performing their duties, and that means that while style is important, you also need to look for comfortable, ergonomically designed office furniture to maximize efficiency.
  3. Know who you are dealing with – Price is important, but so is service. Look for vendors who have the expertise to assist you with your purchase so you can make informed decisions. Also, find a dealer who will stand behind their products and offer additional services like commercial design or space planning.

When you need outstanding office furnishings and superior customer service that you can count on, come to Valuebiz. We offer exceptional new, used, and refurbished office furniture at the lowest prices in Charlotte, NC.

With hundreds of suppliers, we can tailor fit a solution for every application, need & use.
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