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How to Purchase Used Office Furniture in Charlotte, NC

Purchasing used office furniture for your Charlotte, North Carolina, business is a terrific way to outfit your office without breaking the bank. Recycled furniture can be purchased at significant savings, allowing you to keep a tight rein on your budget, as well as reducing environmental waste. Here are a few tips to ensure you are satisfied with your furniture purchase.

  1. The first rule of thumb is to purchase used office furniture from a reliable vendor. Choose a dealer with a solid reputation and a long history of providing fine office furniture at fair prices.
  2. Make sure you understand what it is that you are purchasing. For example, “refurbished” furniture means that is has been cleaned, repaired, or touched up with fresh paint or new fabrics, while “remanufactured” furniture has been restored to its original condition and is the closest thing to purchasing new furniture. “Used” furniture generally means it has not been altered or repaired, but is being sold as-is.
  3. As with purchasing any type of office furniture, make sure you are buying the appropriate items for your Charlotte office. While it may be hard to resist a bargain, making a purchasing decision based solely on price may result in the acquisition of items that are ill-suited to your office environment.

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