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Office Cubicles That Will Fit the Budget of Your Charlotte, NC, Business

Cubicles Charlotte, NC

Office layouts and workstations are extremely important for both startup businesses and growing companies in the Charlotte, NC, area. They work to promote office productivity and support a positive environment, keeping your employees happy and giving them what they need to continue to perform at a high level. So, if the time has come to invest in new cubicles for your office, where should you begin? Should your initial search focus on the latest product designs? Or, should you first make a list of function and aesthetic priorities? For many businesses, the process of finding new office cubicles starts with defining a budget. You’ll soon find, however, that sticking to that budget is easier said than done. That’s where Valuebiz can help!

Why Choose Valuebiz?

Valuebiz can help you furnish your business in Charlotte, NC, with top-quality office cubicles at an affordable price. How can we do this? We specialize in manufacturer seconds, also known as overstock furniture. This furniture is brand new, yet was not able to be sold at a full retail price—meaning we give you access to stylish cubicles for a fraction of the normal cost.

In addition to selling manufacturer seconds, we are seasoned professionals when it comes to office furniture projects. We are connected with an extensive network of furniture manufacturers and pre-owned furniture partners across the country including Steelcase, HON, Haworth, Herman Miller, Knoll, Lacasse, and more. With a warehouse that is 25,000-square feet, we are sure to have the cubicles and other office furniture solutions that you need in stock. You can choose from any of the following modern office furniture necessities for your growing or startup business:

  • Office cubicles
  • Sit-to-stand, adjustable desks
  • Office benching systems
  • Reception furniture (desks, chairs, sofas, etc.)
  • Executive office furniture
  • Desk chairs
  • Conference furniture
  • Credenzas and bookcases
  • Filing cabinets

Plus, even if you are not sure what kind of office furniture would work best for you, or if we don’t currently have what you need in our inventory, we will be able to devise a solution for you that fits your budget.

Office Space Planning

What’s more, the purchase of office cubicles comes with our complimentary design and space planning services. We will help you maximize your office space and set up the ideal workflow for your employees. And, should your workforce expand in the future, we can likely find office cubicles from the same line you originally purchased so that you can accommodate new employees and keep your office looking cohesive instead of having a patchwork of mismatched cubicles—an unfortunate pattern that often results from partnering with less-resourceful used office furniture providers.

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With hundreds of suppliers, we can tailor fit a solution for every application, need & use.
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