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Smart Boards for Greenville, SC, Schools and Universities

Smart Boards GreenvilleEducation professionals in Greenville, SC, know that smart boards are a valuable resource to teach their students in a dynamic way that increases comprehension and retention. This digital technology helps instructors keep students interested in the subject matter through the use of vivid visuals, easily accessible source materials, and digital note taking.

Interactive white boards in the lecture hall can help facilitate the transfer of knowledge in the following ways:

  • This tool allows users to seamlessly move between different sources of information to present an engaging lesson that uses audio and video, web sites, Word documents, or other programs.
  • Instructors can write notes in digital ink during the lecture and save the notes to a file which can be posted online for students to access at a later date. This means that students can concentrate on understanding key concepts rather than stressing about taking notes.
  • Because lecture notes are captured digitally, smart boards facilitate distance learning by giving off-campus students access to the same notes as on-campus students.
  • Smart boards reduce the amount of time required to write and re-write lessons, so educators can focus more on teaching their students and less time on paperwork.

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